Training Opportunities

CTR offers a range of training opportunities available to you as a caregiver, educator, clinician, or professional agency. These are designed to begin with a foundation of education on the effects of complex trauma on children’s development and then to build practical strategies and skills to help them recover.  

We are best known in the province of British Columbia for creating the Complex Care and Intervention Program (CCI) which is a cutting-edge therapeutic program for children in foster care and adoption. Today, adaptations of the CCI program is beneficial to anyone working with maltreated children who suffer from the residual effects of complex trauma. Our outcome data shows consistent gains for children and youth (on average) across the 7 Developmental Domains we address.

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A. In-person Training and Workshops

Our CTR Clinical Team provides training and workshops for all types of caregivers of traumatized children. We often provide training for foster and adoptive parents, child welfare systems (including both mainstream and Aboriginal agencies), family service agencies, and mental health staff.  We have also developed workshops for schools looking to implement Trauma-Informed Practices.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Complex Trauma               
  • Viewing Behaviour Through 7 Developmental Domains               
  • Improving Self-Regulation               
  • Decreasing Hyperarousal Though Sensory and Calming Activities               
  • Coaching Kids Through Common Stressors       
  • Deepening Attachment
  • PEACE in the Classroom: Self-Regulation Strategies for Schools
  • Principles and Implementation of How to Be a Trauma-Informed School
  • Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Caring for the Caregiver         

B. Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) Coach Training

CTR trains and certifies staff in Child Welfare to run the CCI Program in their communities. CTR is a developmentally informed and trauma-focused intervention planning tool for Child Welfare. The CCI Program focuses on the child’s developmental needs in a holistic way, addressing such things as hyperarousal, trauma triggers, attachment strategies, and behaviour management. Coaches learn to facilitate Care Team meetings implementing the CCI model across 4 main steps:

  1. Education on Complex Trauma and Child Development
  2. Facilitate CCI’s Functional Developmental Assessment
  3. Create a Case Conceptualization and Intervention Plan
  4. Monitoring and Ongoing Evaluation

C. Web-based Residential Caregiver Staff Training

CTR has created a series of online modules for caregivers working in staffed residential homes as well as other support persons. These modules are available 24/7 through an annual agency membership.

  • State of the art application of complex trauma theory to residential caregiving
  • Focus on knowledge and skills applicable to foster care and residential care
  • Webinar style modules and PPTs on key topics
  • Learning designed to be facilitated in small group supervision format
  • Ideal for training of new staff and review with existing staff or caregivers
  • Available from multiple agency sites with web access


  1. Understanding Complex Trauma               
  2. Viewing Behaviour through 7 Developmental Domains   
  3. Improving Self-Regulation               
  4. Decreasing Hyperarousal Though Sensory and Calming Activities               
  5. Coaching Kids Through Common Stressors               
  6. Deepening Attachment and Listening with Empathy       
  7. Signature Strengths and Positive Behavioural Approaches
  8. Supervising Through a Trauma-Informed Lens               

D. Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) Training for Private Clinicians

CTR is initiating a training program for clinicians in private practice. CCI Certified Practitioners will participate in four days of in-person training with CTR clinicians, then be supervised as they implement the model with their own cases. Supervision will continue until a second case is carried to the 6 month level. Supervision can occur online. At that point the clinician will have the opportunity to complete a certification exam to become a CCI Certified Practitioner. Ongoing support is available online through CTR mentoring.

Please contact us at for more information on any of the above training opportunities.

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