We understand that loving a child or youth that has experienced complex trauma is hard work. We’ve learned that with the right trauma-informed framework, you can assist your child or youth in their healing journey. The following opportunities provide in-depth education into complex trauma, it’s impact on children’s development, and enhances practical day-to-day strategies you can use to help youth recover and heal.

Following are training and clinical services that CTR offers. Please feel free to contact us at for more information.


Online Training and Workshops

CTR has created a series of online training modules for anyone working with children and youth who have experienced complex trauma. We want to equip you with practical knowledge, cutting edge research, and tools to help children heal.

Topics include:

  • Focus on knowledge and skills applicable to foster care & adoption, schools & educators, and residential care & agency staff.
  • Webinar style modules
  • Additional resources included on key topics
  • Learning can be facilitated either as an individual or in a small group format
  • Available 24/7 and structured in your own setting to maximize success
  • Course completion certificate with CE credit hours upon completion


1. Trauma-Focused Residential Caregiving Course – applicable for all professionals, clinicians, residential support workers, and agencies to learn a comprehensive trauma-informed model to help children heal and thrive. This course deepens your understanding of complex trauma and its impact on the developing child, infuses interventions and techniques to decrease hyperarousal, provides insight into emotional regulation, assists staff with tools to deepen attachment and listen with empathy and assists supervisors with a trauma-informed lens to lead agency staff and workers. While the course has been designed specifically for residential caregiving, it also provides a good foundation to CTR’s Therapeutic Model for any professional.

How can I support a youth with complex trauma?

2. Trauma-Focused Schools – applicable for schools, teachers, administration, and anyone working in an educational capacity. This course builds from ACEs research and applies a trauma-centric lens supporting children and youth with specific strategies, enhancing a PEACEful classroom, and creating meaningful trauma-informed IEP’s in order to help children heal and learn.

Would you like a calmer classroom?

3. Giving and Receiving Healing for Traumatized Kids – applicable to foster parents, adoptive parents, caregivers, and agencies supporting parents and caregivers to deepen attachment, decrease hyper-arousal through practical sensory and calming activities, coach your kids through common stressors, focus on your child’s signature strengths, and to increase your child’s sense of identity.

Parents, would you like more tools to work with your child?

In-person Training and Workshops: For schools, agencies, caregivers, professionals

Our CTR Clinical Team provides training and workshops which implement a trauma-informed lens in order to assist professionals, educators, foster and adoptive parents, child welfare systems (including both mainstream and Aboriginal agencies), family service agencies, and mental health staff that work alongside children and youth.

What will you learn?

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Complex Trauma
  • View behaviour through CTR’s 7 Developmental Domains
  • Deepen your understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and how to safeguard children and youth
  • Improve emotional-regulation
  • Decrease hyperarousal through sensory and calming activities
  • Coach kids through common stressors
  • Understand how to deepen attachment and connection to key adults
  • Develop PEACE in the classroom: Self-Regulation strategies for schools
  • Heal ACE’s assessment tool for schools
  • Principles and implementation of how to be a trauma-informed school
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Self-care practices for the caregiver, educator, and professional

If you have a specific topic that you would like addressed, we can happily tailor our workshops for your specific needs.


Complex Care and Intervention (CCI)

CCI was designed for children and youth who have experienced significant trauma or maltreatment.  Typically children that have struggled with repeated neglect and trauma exhibit substantial emotional and behavioural challenges, struggle with creating positive attachment and relationships, and show lags in many areas of development compared to peers.

CCI is a cutting-edge therapeutic program for children in foster care and adoption.  Our outcome data shows consistent and impressive gains for children and youth (on average) across all of CTR’s 7 Developmental Domains with corresponding decreases in behavioural and emotional problems.   The CCI Program focuses on the child’s developmental needs in a holistic way, addressing such things as hyperarousal, trauma triggers, attachment strategies, and behaviour management.  A trained clinician will work with you on the following over 18 months:

  1. Education on Complex Trauma and Child Development
  2. Facilitate CCI’s Functional Developmental Assessment (FDA)
  3. Create a Case Conceptualization and Intervention Plan
  4. Monitoring and Ongoing Evaluation

Training in the CCI Model – We also provide training for professionals and agency staff in facilitating the CCI Model with children and youth in their care.

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Educators:  Heal ACEs Rating Tool™ (HeART™)

Children and youth with complex trauma are often disruptive, have significant development delays, struggle to form relationships, and exhibit challenging behaviours. In an already full and diverse classroom, these needs can be overwhelming.  CTR is excited to be offering educators the Heal ACEs Rating Tool™ (HeART™) which is an assessment tool that gathers information about the child’s strengths and areas in need of support across 7 Developmental Domains™.  School staff and care teams can then generate and track individualized intervention plans based on this assessment, using the HeART™ Intervention Strategies to guide and support the youth.

Would you like to learn more about the HeART Rating Tool™?

Note: A prerequisite of Trauma-Focused Schools online course or PEACEful Schools in-person event is required before implementing HeART ™

Coaching and Clinical Consultation

CTR provides coaching and clinical consultation to help you integrate our trauma-focused model into your practice and apply it to the children and teens you serve. This is available online and in-person to:

– Schools
– Parents (foster, adoptive, biological, caregivers etc.)
– Agencies
– Professionals

Please contact us at to describe the help you are looking for.