Many children who have experienced complex trauma have difficulty sleeping. The Dreampad pillow plays soothing music with gentle vibrations, which encourages the nervous system to relax and thereby allowing our children to calm down and sleep peacefully.

A sound generator is often helpful in helping children who are highly aroused. Using sounds that provide patterned, repetitive and rhythmic stimulation will sooth the brain and help children fall and stay asleep throughout the night. This sound generator allows you to choose from 20 sounds and operates on rechargeable batteries so you can take it with you anywhere you need to go.

While this toy may be designed for puppies, we have had success in using it with children. The puppy stuffy provides a soothing “real feel” of a warm heartbeat and can be cuddled and snuggled with throughout the night. For children who are anxious, appear distractible, or have difficulty sleeping, this heart beat puppy stuffy provides patterned, repetitive stimulation that may help regulate your child’s nervous system enabling your child to experience a deeper and more restful sleep.