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Understanding complex trauma has revolutionized my understanding and approach to children and youth who have extensive trauma histories. We now regularly see success with children and youth that have not been helped by traditional methods”. – Chuck Geddes, PhD.

As a clinician or caregiver working with children affected by trauma, you know the field is one that requires ongoing education, knowledge, and support. Complex Trauma in particular is often misunderstood, which leads to great frustration for care providers and professionals as well as misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment.

Our clinical strategies focus on supporting the caregivers to provide healing attachment experiences, to reduce hyperarousal and hypervigilance through “bottom-up” and “top-down” strategies, and to mentor the child in developing emotional regulation skills. While we recognize the weekly therapy session offers great therapeutic value, we also have seen that the therapeutic experiences in the home will enable the child to make the most of the clinical and counselling hours.

A collaborative approach is critical to both the child and the caregiver. Our conviction is that while there is a growing embrace of Trauma-Informed practices, that many of these children need a type of “Trauma-Focused” practice with a greater understanding of developmental or complex trauma as the core issue in their lives.

Our resources speak directly to the strategies and concepts outlined here. By becoming a member of Complex Trauma 

Resources, you’ll have access to the information and tools you need in order to best treat the children and caregivers you’re working with.  In particular, membership offers access to 8 case examples that highlight our therapeutic approach.

CTR also offers webinars and videos dealing with key concepts in understanding complex trauma and providing therapeutic supports. Become a member to access them today!

Our Approach

The CTR Clinical Team has developed a cutting-edge approach to the effects of Complex Trauma in children and youth.

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Resources on education about trauma, complex trauma, and therapeutic strategies.

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Case Examples

Find out how CCI is working for youth with complex trauma. You’ll be encouraged.

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