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As we’ve worked with children who have experienced complex trauma for over the past 8 years we have discovered many useful tools, documents, links, and articles, as well as creating some of our own..We’d like to share these resources with you.

We are now offering memberships for parents, foster parents, residential caregivers, school teachers and staff, social workers and therapists.  Members receive a wide range of…

  • Original, cutting edge and well-researched content by Dr. Chuck Geddes, Dr. Kirk Austin and others from our CTR clinical team including bi-weekly blog articles and other materials
  • Practical strategies for your day-to-day work with children
  • Our selection of the best videos and articles from around the Web
  • Extended case examples that illustrate trauma theory and give practical suggestions
  • Site access for ongoing education and information 24/7

Complex Trauma Insights from a Panel of Experts

Chuck Geddes

Dr. Chuck Geddes, Registered. Psychologist
Clinical Director, CTR Founder


Dr. Kirk Austin, RRC
Training Director


Dr. Chipo McNichols

“I love how the last 10 years of developmental brain science has shed light on what we once saw as absolutely intractable problems in children. I get excited to see a team of caregivers around a child begin to understand trauma principles, apply them in a creative fashion, and rejoice as they see children and youth respond, grow, and heal.”

Dr. Chuck Geddes, R. Psych

Clinical Director, CTR Founder

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