In our work with maltreated children and youth who have experienced complex trauma, we understand the learning journey is constant and that support, resources, and innovative techniques are needed in order to be successful. For the adults that are caring for these children and youth we understand there is a cost in caring and that emotional duress and distress is real. CTR aims to equip you with what you need to carry on and be the best help you can be.


Membership Benefits

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Benefits of Membership
Content specifically selected to be useful for Caregivers/Parents, Educators, Professionals and Residential Care Agencies
Weekly blogs and posts catered around specific topics relevant to complex trauma by our expert clinical staff
One case example from CTR’s Complex Care and Intervention Program
A couple of newly released articles and resources available for you each month
Ability to participate in discussion and feedback on blogs and posts
Opportunity to participate in our learning community through questions, discussion and feedback
Video modules that are topic centralized and have specific courses of action for children/youth with complex trauma
Multiple case examples that follow a consultation from start to finish with definitive keys and insights for children/youth with complex trauma
Access to ALL of our specifically selected content including articles, worksheets, videos and modules
Access to ALL newly, MONTHLY released resources
Webinars as available from our expert clinical staff including Dr. Chuck Geddes, Dr. Kirk Austin, Dr. Chipo McNichols, and other field experts



The Membership for Individuals

Foster Parent/Student


The Individual Membership with a discount for Foster Parents and Students.


/person annually

Pricing depends on amount of people involved in your organization. Check price list for your group.

caregiver training


Includes general agency membership (access to all Member Resources) plus access to Residential Caregiver Training webinars.

If the cost of membership is a barrier, we want to be inclusive and we want you to receive the help and support you need. Please email us at to talk about alternate options.