What is Complex Trauma?

Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD refers to the cumulative toll that experiences such as neglect, emotional abuse, physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, persistently unsafe situations, or attachment disruptions take on children.  The key idea that we have been learning over the past 15 years is that trauma, particularly in early childhood, affects the developing brain and that this can result in a range of social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties which are hard for parents and caregivers to manage.

Do you parent, care for, know, or provide services for a child or youth who:

  • Has suffered multiple traumatic experiences?
  • Struggles with managing their emotions and behaviour?
  • Seems to fly off the handle for no reason?
  • Has a range of diagnosis and medications without much progress?
  • Struggles to form healthy and close relationships?

CTR specializes in finding solutions for care teams, parents, and caregivers.