Foster Parent/Student Membership


Foster Parent/Student Membership provides access to a wide range of resources, extended case examples, a bi-weekly blog and discussion board, as well as more detailed information on trauma. Membership is the “Individual Membership” offered at a discount.

Membership at Complex Trauma Resources will provide:

  • Access to carefully selected articles, links, videos, and blogs related to understanding and working with trauma in children and youth.
  • The opportunity to actively participate in our learning community and engage in projects geared to raising awareness and help for children who have experienced trauma.
  • Content specifically selected to be useful for Caregivers and Parents, Educators, Clinicians, and Residential Care Agencies.
  • New content added regularly by our expert clinical staff including Dr. Chuck Geddes, Dr. Kirk Austin, Dr. Chipo McNichols, and other field experts.
  • Case examples from CTR’s Complex Care and Intervention Program.
  • Site access for members 24/7.

$ 52.50 Incl. taxes / year

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