Residential Caregiver Training


This product is the Residential Caregiver Training package which includes the Agency Membership and Webinars. Users will have access to all Member Resources. This license will be renewed annually.

CTR has created a series of online modules for caregivers working in staffed residential homes as well as other support persons. These modules are available 24/7 through an annual agency membership.

  • State of the art application of complex trauma theory to residential caregiving
  • Focus on knowledge and skills applicable to foster care and residential care
  • Webinar style modules and PPTs on key topics
  • Learning designed to be facilitated in small group supervision format
  • Ideal for training of new staff and review with existing staff or caregivers
  • Available from multiple agency sites with web access


  1. Understanding Complex Trauma
  2. Viewing Behaviour through 7 Developmental Domains
  3. Improving Self-Regulation
  4. Decreasing Hyperarousal Though Sensory and Calming Activities
  5. Coaching Kids Through Common Stressors
  6. Deepening Attachment and Listening with Empathy
  7. Signature Strengths and Positive Behavioural Approaches
  8. Supervising Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

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Membership at Complex Trauma Resources will provide:

  • Access to carefully selected articles, links, videos, and blogs related to understanding and working with trauma in children and youth.
  • The opportunity to actively participate in our learning community and engage in projects geared to raising awareness and help for children who have experienced trauma.
  • Content specifically selected to be useful for Caregivers and Parents, Educators, Clinicians, and Residential Care Agencies.
  • New content added regularly by our expert clinical staff including Dr. Chuck Geddes, Dr. Kirk Austin, Dr. Chipo McNichols, and other field experts.
  • Case examples from CTR’s Complex Care and Intervention Program.
  • Site access for members 24/7.

$ 2,100.00 Incl. taxes / year


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