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If your agency provides services to kids or youth who have experienced trauma, you know the challenges of emotionally demanding and difficult behaviour. Staff have to learn to keep calm and keep caring for the youth even when being sworn at and rejected and perhaps even threatened or hit. Many have found that typical strategies don’t work with these youth and it is hard to find balance between love and limits. Agency staff play a crucial role in the lives of the youth even though they may not experience much success. Our clinical strategies focus on supporting the caregivers to provide healing attachment experiences, to reduce hyperarousal and hypervigilance through “bottom-up” and “top-down” strategies, and to mentor the child in developing emotional regulation skills.

Our website will provide you with a lot information and resources that will be helpful for your staff in not only understanding the effects of complex trauma but also how to what to do with it. Check out the carefully selected articles, videos, case examples, description of our approach, blogs, and more. Over the past 8 years, we have seen even the most challenging children and youth respond in incredibly positive ways to our trauma-focused approaches.

Our expert clinical staff have prepared a series of training modules for use for residential caregiver staff and those working with youth in other capacities. The modules are perfect for monthly training meetings and for the training of new staff. Agencies who use the Residential Caregiver Training modules report much greater success with their youth, increase in job satisfaction and retention of their staff.

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What’s the Fuss About Complex Trauma

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The Science of Neglect & the Developing Brain

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Complex Trauma and Assessment

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Reducing the Impact of ACEs: A CCI Program Evaluation

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The Case of Sophie

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Trauma Focused Residential Caregiving Training Course (ONLINE)


What Professional Agencies are Saying about CTR

“I have had the pleasure of working with the CCI team. There is no doubt that the major impact to the residential team has been the introduction to information on both trauma and attachment theories. The CCI team has been supportive in a consultation role as we have evolved our protocols through these lenses.  From a case management perspective, CCI has had a positive impact in pacing the integration time of school for both our clients.  The team has been generous with the use of their resources including offering training, materials and has maintained a supporting and non-judgmental approach throughout.”

– Daniel T.
Program Director, Residential Agency

“I am very excited to be exposed to a concise, well-packaged, respectful, and ultimately hopeful treatment paradigm for children and youth who deserve our very best! This is the answer to the question of what more can be done to improve outcomes for traumatized children with complex needs.”

– Christa
Child and Youth Support Worker

“Imagine an 8-year-old that is chronically running away, involved with RCMP, unable to attend school, unable to keep a placement, unable to hold a relationship, chronically misunderstood, falling through the cracks….sound familiar? After the implementation of CCI, within 18 months this child was successfully attending school, thriving in a stable placement, un-medicated,enjoying visits with his family and joking with his service providers. 3 years post CCI graduation he is the most settled, respectful, engaged, Indigenously proud 14 year old that I have had the pleasure of working with in over a decade.”

– A. Clark

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