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Welcome to the Complex Trauma Resources video page. Here you’ll find a collection of helpful and informative video content we’ve compiled in order to help you better understand complex trauma. Each presentation is conducted by one of our CTR clinicians and they are applying the unique trauma-focused intervention techniques that stem from CTR’s seven developmental domains.

Through recorded webinars and informative videos, we hope to give you more insight into developmental issues and how to best deal with different aspects of complex trauma in children.

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Understanding Complex Trauma

Why Normal Parenting Doesn’t Help: How Complex Trauma Changes the Brain

Presented By: Dr. Chuck Geddes

Does your child respond in unpredictable ways? In this clip with Dr. Chuck Geddes, learn how complex trauma changes the brain, and therefore how children behave.

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Viewing Behaviour Through 7 Developmental Domains

Understanding Difficult Behaviours and How to Intervene Effectively

Presented By: Kirk Austin

Is this child being manipulative, oppositional, or unmotivated? In this clip, Dr. Kirk Austin deepens your understanding of the ways in which complex trauma impacts the seven developmental domains and highlights effective intervention strategies.

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Coaching Kids Through Common Stressors

Is She Really Manipulative? Understanding the Behaviour of Traumatized Children

Presented By: Dr. Chipo McNichols

Does it seem like the child you work with is un-motivated or manipulative? If we don’t understand how complex trauma affects children, these might be typical explanations. Learn more in this short video clip with Dr. Chipo McNichols.

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