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<p>I came across the Alert Program recently. It is similar to the Zones of Regulation program, but is designed for a younger audience. It seemed to work really well for a little guy we are working with. you can find more infor at</p>
<p>Kirk Austin</p>

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A Powerful Combination for Emotion Regulation

<p>I've been thinking again this week about Self Regulation and how we can best help develop that in kids.  I've been amazed at how powerful it can be to combine some self-calming strategies (e.g. deep breathing, tension-release, therapeutic smells, patterned/rhythmic/repetitive movement) with some visuals around stress response.  We've seen some nice movement with a number of youth when we've used the CCI Stress Speedometer or Zones of Regulation and introduced some language about stress and the internal feeling states that go along with it.  It's been fun to see the children or youth pointing at the caregivers and saying – "I think you are in the yellow zone, Barb.You should do your calming exercises!"  And then the caregiver can say, "I think you are right, would you help me to get back to the green zone?".</p>
<p>Anyone have any similar ideas or experiences?</p>
<p>Chuck Geddes</p>

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