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Over 15 years with child and youth mental health and child welfare, Dr. Chuck Geddes had watched too many children and youth in foster care do poorly. He had watched caregivers struggle despite their best intentions and best efforts. The crucial science surrounding brain development and trauma offers hope and direction. Dr. Geddes created a trauma-specific and neurodevelopmentally informed model that has proven to be successful for the past 7 years.  

In 2012, Complex Trauma Resources was founded in order to provide education and support to the parents/caregivers, foster parents, adoptive parents, care teams, educators, clinicians, and professional agencies who care for traumatized children. Our emphasis has been on children and youth within the child welfare and foster care systems as well as adoption. We know many caregivers, educators, and those working regularly with children who suffer from complex trauma struggle even when they pour their hearts and souls into these kids. Over the years, this model has proven to have lasting results with anyone working with maltreated children and youth.  

Our Mission is to equip those working with traumatized children by providing trauma-sensitive, loving, and developmentally appropriate care. We believe children can heal and thrive despite years of neglect and abuse, and our outcome evaluations support that claim.


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The Complex Care and Intervention Program (CCI)

In the Province of British Columbia we are best known for providing the Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) Program. CCI was created by Dr. Chuck Geddes and is a developmentally sensitive, trauma-focused intervention planning tool for children and youth in foster care. Click here to learn more.

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