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Educators and school staff play a significant role in the lives of children and youth. However, when these children are struggling with the residual effects of trauma and multiple ACEs, it can be very challenging. Children with complex trauma are often disruptive, have significant development delays, struggle to form relationships, and often exhibit challenging behaviours. In an already full and diverse classroom, these needs can be overwhelming.

The good news: we have seen real and effective change when schools have embraced and woven-in the concepts of trauma-informed practice into their classrooms. Teachers are at the forefront of learning and can provide a safe place and a sounding board, being a trusted adult to provide guidance. When educators adopt such practices as mindfulness, social-emotional learning, or trauma-sensitive approaches; all of the students benefit.  Many schools see improvement not just in emotions and behaviour, but also in academics. This is a win-win for everyone.

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Calmer Classrooms – Working with Traumatized Children

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The Human Brain by Bruce Perry

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Child Trauma Toolkit

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Trauma, Brain & Relationship: Helping Children Heal

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Trauma-Focused Schools Training (ONLINE)


What Educators are Saying about CTR

“In Grade 9, Tom attended full days of school but missed 30 days of school due to stress and refusal to attend or family keeping him home because he was too worked up. This year, apart from sickness and a family holiday, Tom missed only one day of school. One other huge change – Tom wants to come to school now.”

– Sandy R.
High School Teacher

“As a CCI coach and a school based mental health clinician I am so excited to be part of this incredible “whole minded” approach. It is wonderful to see care teams surround the child/youth and support them and each other through the process”

– Shelly
Child Youth &Mental Health (CYMH)

“CCI has aided me in my work as an educator in that I can better support other educators who are advocating for support for their students and navigating community supports.”

– Toni
Social Emotional Learning Teacher

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