We are happy to share a number of resources which we have found to be particularly helpful as we have learned about developmental or complex trauma. These materials have been located on the web and are free to circulate. These are examples of the resources which we offer to our CCI Program coaches and partners. We ask you to respect the copyright on any CTR materials on this site and also any copyright on other sites we might suggest for you through various links.

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Please check back from time to time as we will update this list as time allows.

Websites / Links
Child Trauma Academy: A superb organization featuring the work of Dr. Bruce Perry. CTA offers a wide range of educational

Harvard Centre on the Developing Child: This site from Harvard offers scholarly articles, research papers, and a series of fabulous videos which illuminate the concepts of complex trauma and toxic stress. (We’ve also listed links below to our favourite videos.)

National Child Traumatic Stress Network: An ideal link for those considering systemic interventions or wondering about research into complex trauma and child welfare.